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Placing info on our site is:
An effective way to sell - products of your company will be offered only to those users who want to buy them over the Internet;
Displaying products to your target audience only;
Extension of your target audience, even if you have no an online store.
Effective marketing and branding of in the market of Internet services;
Optimal payment method - you pay only for clicks which navigate users to your store
Advanced statistics online - you can control efficiency of allocation of your shop

Here, we offer more placements of banners. You can select them depending on budget and your objectives.
Banner, or Media advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote products and services on the Internet, it really increases sales.

This type of advertising is proven as perfect method to increase site traffic; at the same time it improves your image.

We offer banner placement to your company

Why working with us?

1. We constantly improve our newsletters. Newsletters include publications with interesting and attractive content which is free.
2. We constantly work to attract more subscribers.
3. It’s nice to work with us. We use individual approach and think which solution is the best for you personally.
4. If you have no time to write ads, for our newsletters, we'll help you – our freelancers will create really good content for you.
5. You can re-advertise yourselves to existing audience.
How do you know which solution is the best?
Contact us with a name of a project to be promoted and we will choose the best solution.
If you are an active internet user, you are welcome to collaborate. Take part in an affiliate program of and get extra income!

You can place price-lists with prices for products and services provided by your company for free. Simply create your own price list and save it as a Microsoft Office (. Doc) or Microsoft Excel (. Xls)
Place a price list on our website using one of the following methods:
1 - for registered users:
Log in to your account and attach the required file to "Add company" section (when creating a new company) or attach a file when editing business card of the existing company.
2 – for unregistered users:
Send the required file to and we will place it as soon as possible.
Important! Be sure to include the exact name of your company.